Meet Craig Walters, G.G.
Finis Business Card
  • Graduate Gemologist 1987 Gemological Institute of America G.I.A.
    ⁃ International Society of Appraisers I.S.A. Appraisal Core Courses 1994
    ⁃ Senior Gemologist Member Accredited Gemological Association A.G.A.
Accredited Gemological laboratory A.G.A.
Member Inter-Society Color Council
Craig Walters is the owner of Finis Gemological Inc.

He has twenty five years experience in the jewelry industry, including
  • three years importing colored stones from Jaipur India and Bangkok Thailand
  • ten years as an independent Jeweler
  • five years in development of light return cut grading with Diamond Profile Laboratory
  • fifteen years as manufacturer of color grading sets used in fourteen countries and
  • eleven years providing onsite appraisal work for 160 locations
"It’s great to mix business with learning, meeting people, and the pleasure of serving individuals on matters of their jewelry” -- C. W.
Craig decided to concentrate on his appraisal business because he loves the work: this prompts him to grow in the field for which he is best suited and allows him to meet people, while enjoying the challenges of the appraisal field.
Craig is a senior member of the Accredited Gemologist Association and his lab is accredited with the A.G.A. He is a member of the Intersociety Color Council. For the last decade, Finis Gemological Inc. has worked with Fred Meyer Jewelers providing their appraisal services for clients in the Puget Sound area and Alaskan stores.

Craig earned his Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) degree from the Gemological institute of America in 1987. He completed the International Society of Appraisal core course training in 1995. He lives in Seattle Washington.

Please note that we appraise jewelry - we do not sell or buy it.

Craig and Finis Gemological Inc. can be reached by email